School Wide Events


Trick 'N' Trail

Each October marks LAA’s Annual Trick ‘N’ Trail event on our fabulous outdoor campus. Families enjoy dressing up in costume, face painting, and many other fall harvest festivities.


Scholastic Book Fair

Little Ambassadors' Academy hosts an annual Scholastic Book Fair to promote and strengthen early literacy skills. The students enjoy the opportunity to read classics and new favorites.


End-of-the-Year Family Picnic

Our end of the year family picnic celebrates the completion of our academic year and kicks off our fun-filled Summer program. Current and new families attend this event to mingle, eat, and meet prospective teachers.



Fire Safety Week

Arlington County Fire Department demonstrates safety and discusses fire hazards for students during fire safety week every October.  Students are able to identify hazardous materials and practice the “Stop, drop, and roll” fire safety technique. They even get to see the Firetruck!


A Day With the Petting Zoo

Children experience hands-on learning during Farm week when a local petting zoo comes for a visit.  Understanding life cycles, differentiating habitats, and exploring the five senses are some of the many scientific components LAA encompasses.


Fairy Tale Week

The annual interactive puppet show reinforces delightful stories children learn during Fairy Tale week. The children actively participate in sequencing events and develop compassion and empathy for the characters and their classmates.

Field Trips


Community Helpers Week

During community helpers' week in the Fall, the Pre-K classes embark on a journey to the post office to learn the important duties of postal workers. The U.S. Post Office trip focuses on Social Studies learning component in our curriculum.


Exploring Bank Operations

Every Spring, the Pre-K classes take a bank field trip to explore bank operations. The most exciting activity is counting money in the vault. This experience reinforces social development, critical thinking, and mathematic skills.


Pre-K’s Graduation Ceremony

The final and most anticipated field trip of the year is Pre-K's graduation ceremony. We celebrate these five-year-olds as they enter the world of Kindergarten eager to continue their journey as lifelong learners.